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#1 2010-10-06 07:16:47


Test post

If you are looking at this (which I guess you are), the install of Agora Forum appears to have worked! Now log in and head over to the administration control panel to configure your forum. There are TWO things you MUST do in order for your forum to work correctly. First, you must click on the Admin tab, then click options. There you will see an icon for your Options. Click Options and find the setting for Base URL. Change the yoursite.com to your actual domain and leave everything in that line as is. The second thing you must do is scroll down your option till you see your usermap settings. There you will find a link to apply for a Google Map API key. Get your API key and enter it into the space. Now your forum is ready to go. Go through the settings and customize your NEW AGORA. For any issues, help support or just to say hi visit 

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Our WIKI can be found at 

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